#ShareYourStory: Maggie

Date: 16 October 2020      Category: News

Maggie is 68 and has a colostomy. This was caused through a bowel resection and 2 serious stomach operations.

Helpful stoma nurses

Maggie had a very good community stoma nurse. They were very helpful in giving the support that she needed, was reassuring and always explained any issues clearly and properly. Maggie knew that she could go to the outpatient clinic after discharge if she had any problems. It’s great to hear that Maggie has been satisfied with the support and care she has received.

Coping with it the best way you can

Maggie had her colostomy 8 years ago at the age of 60. Following a year’s sick leave, she decided to retire. It was a big and difficult decision to make, Maggie often misses the routine of work on the stroke unit in the local hospital, but most of all she misses the social side and colleagues, although she regularly keeps in touch with some.

“I try not to let my colostomy take over my life, but just cope with it in the best way I can” are Maggie’s words regarding general life with a stoma. She feels she must remember to take plenty of supplies out with her, she also ensures to make note of all service stations she’ll pass by on a long journey. Your life will be different but not any less than it was before. You’ll have to adapt to having a stoma but it is important to remember, it won’t stop you doing what you want to do unless you let it!

For more support on working with a stoma, travelling with a stoma and much more, you can visit our dedicated support and advice section.

Advice from Maggie:

“KEEP SMILING! Get any problems checked out. Share the fact you have a stoma with friends, relatives, who will be sympathetic and accommodating.”

We would like to say a big Thank You to Maggie for sharing her story with us!

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