Caroline's Journey

Date: 01 October 2019      Category: News

Caroline and Gill

At Medilink, we think it is vital to listen to our customers and their journeys to see how we benefit those who use our service and how we can continue to better our care. To that extent we have staff working in the field meet to discuss the stories of those living with a stoma.

“It was a big operation, but a small price to pay to feel well.”

Experienced Stoma Care Nurse, Gill Wilson, was in awe of Medilink® customer, Caroline. After only ten weeks of having her entire colon removed, she travelled on a train to Birmingham to chat about her journey, looking the figure of health.

Her symptoms first started in 2016 after she started experiencing problems once she came back from a holiday, which she assumed was from the airplane pressure. She was later diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) in 2018. She admits after being diagnosed she struggled with going out, saying she had to cut many days out short.

Initially she wanted to keep her right end of her bowel, to leave her the option of having a reversal later on down the line. But after some recommendations from her Healthcare Professional, she opted for surgery to remove all of the UC in order to feel truly well again and to avoid the potential for flare ups and complications. Caroline was very keen to explain the importance of recommendations and doing your research for such an important part of your healthcare journey.

“I initially wanted to use my own pharmacy, but you don’t realise that for a time after the operation you can’t drive. Hence I chose a home delivery service, and I must say it’s great. The Medilink team really know what they are talking about. You chat away and they listen, giving you options and generally supporting you just by being there. I didn’t know I would have this at the end of the phone. Like the other week, I read about a mini bag and a sample was sent out straight away, no bother. And when everything settles down, I’ll use the personalised cutting service.”

She sang Medilink®’s praises, appreciating the personal approach we go for, saying she never felt like she was talking to a machine. She has also found that Medilink®’s home delivery service has been incredibly helpful in her getting back to work.

Caroline then went on to talk about the great support network she’s had since having the operation, which has helped with her speedy recovery. Her Stoma Care Nurse was able to provide her with more recommendations and research tools for deciding what she wanted to do regarding surgery. She also personally chose to be open with her family from the start and involved them straight away - including bag changes. This meant they could help with any concerns she may have had once home.

For Caroline, the surgery was just a small price to pay to feel well. She’s now well on the way to a full recovery, and is excited to start a new chapter of her life.

To see more of Caroline & Gill’s chat, please watch the full video below: