Michelle's Journey

Date: 05 August 2019      Category: News

Michelle and Ander

Ander and Michelle

At Medilink, we think it is vital to listen to our customers and their journeys to see how we benefit those who use our service and how we can continue to better our care. To that extent we have staff working in the field meet to discuss the stories of those living with a stoma.

“The Medilink® team are so friendly, knowledgeable and efficient and their service is one in a million! Thanks to you all.”

Train company worker, Michelle, talks to Marketing’s Ander Cairo about the Medilink® Home Delivery and Dispensing Service, and how her life, after several operations, is still full steam ahead.

Michelle was diagnosed as being lactose intolerant at 16. After being ill for a while, she was admitted to A&E and after several tests was found to have ‘severe colonic inertia’ – in short, her large colon had stopped working. As a result, she had a sub-total colectomy, removing her colon. But, nothing stops this 38 year old who is full of positivity and praise for Medilink®.

Michelle travels around the UK every day and loves to go on holiday - travelling has been part of her recovery, helping her to remain positive. So much so that she risked going on some very active trips just weeks after surgery (which we wouldn’t recommend). Michelle also mentioned that the travel advice she received was brilliant and was happy to receive the Medilink travel certificate and washbag as soon as she told her local dispensing care team she was going away. She also received help with dealing with airport staff and information on what her extra allowances would be.

For Michelle choosing Medilink® was an easy decision after being recommended the service. She loves the convenience the service provides. In particular, its discreet delivery was very important to her as she likes to keep her stoma to herself. Michelle also likes the free customisation cutting service that Medilink® provide, meaning she can pick up her bags and go out anytime without having to worry about cutting them to her size.

“Having an unbranded box delivered doesn’t tell anyone about my condition and that’s the way I like it. My neighbours probably think I get loads of clothes delivered! It’s my way of dealing with things. My husband Garry hasn’t even seen my stoma – it’s personal to me.”

As Michelle’s working life is often based out and about on a train, she finds the complimenting items Medilink® provides really helpful too especially the RADAR key, which gives her access to the locked station toilets across the country.

For Michelle, Medilink has been a lifeline. From giving advice, to just being on the end of the phone whom she knows all the girls’ names, the cutting service to the Community Stoma Care Nurses – it’s all helped with her recovery.

“The girls on the end of the phone, the Nurses, the discreet Home Delivery Service…their service is one in a million! Thanks to all of you.”

To see more of Michelle & Ander’s chat, please watch the full video below: